Monday, October 25, 2010

going green

our trash service recently stopped picking up trash two days a week. now, however, it's picking up trash one day and recycling the other. they 're really encouraging people to recycle and have provided recycling bins. i was very excited about this when we got the letter in the mail. i know, i'm a bit lame and it doesn't take much to excite me but i've really never been a recycler. i recycled paper every so often at school but not consistently. the recycle bins were just down the street from us too but now, they come to me!

i challenge myself to see how little trash we have each week. i recycle just about everything i can. i will admit, it's a pain - rinsing everything that i used to just toss. but, a little extra work to help control the landfill population isn't so bad! here's our first week of loot!

if you know molly, you know where this is going....

a couple weeks ago sophie fell asleep with molly's blanket

now look down....i bet some of you can guess where this is heading!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

first haircuts

molly and sophie both recently had their first haircuts. sophie was growing quite the mullet and so that had to go. i did it myself - it wasn't the easiest thing to do either because she kept wanting to look at the scissors. molly went to the salon and had hers done by the same girl that cuts our hair, emmy. she did great!

the mullet!

her hair really is pretty straight but doesn't look it from the picture!

curly locks
she looks so much older!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

sophie update

it's been a long time...too long really but i'm exhausted at the end of the day and just haven't had it in me to sit down and blog. sophie on the other hand is bursting with energy every day! this is a good thing but boy she can be exhausting! she's in to EVERYTHING! yes, everything. she pretty much can't be left alone because she finds something to get into. chewing on shoes is a favorite and cords. she loves cords. but she can't just chew on the nice rubber part (not that that is really okay either) but she likes the ends. matt and i like to call her are little electronic repair baby because she frequently plays with the modem and router for our computer as well as the cords under the computer desk.

sophie isn't crawling on hands and knees yet but doesn't need to because her army crawling gets her everywhere she needs to be, and fast! we try and get her to stay on the carpet but the minute we walk away, she's on the hardwood - headed to the shoes or food particles that molly's dropped under the table. sophie loves to play in molly's room so sometimes i'll stick her in there if in need a minute. i did that tonight so i could wash molly up after dinner and i went to check on her and she's gone! she made it through molly's room, down the hall, and into the bathroom. little stinker!
sophie's been sitting alone for quite awhile now and has really gained a lot of strength. she's trying so hard now to pull herself up into a sitting position but just isn't strong enough. these pictures were from about a month - month and a half ago when she first started sitting up.

sophie loves the cats and gets so excited when she sees them. she chases them, and often looses, but loves when she catches them! pulling fur and attempting to taste them are her favorite.

baby food is tickling sophies tastes buds as she tries new veggies and fruit. she likes veggies okay - preferring carrots, pumpkin, and squash over the green veggies. green beans are probably top on her list of greens with peas coming in last. fruit, well, lets just say we really haven't found one she doesn't like. applesauce wasn't her favorite but she did eat it. she now eats 2 ounces of veggies for lunch and dinner but can easily eat 3.5 ounces of fruit! here are pictures of her first veggie, sweet potatoes .

sophie babbles nonstop too. she says ma ma (seriously, and calls for me!) and da da, and a bunch of other random noises. she's into screaming when she's mad and loves to laugh at molly. making indian noises is still a favorite. now she pulls our hand to her mouth when she wants to do it!

speaking of calling for ma ma, she's a huge mama's girl! i can't leave her. anywhere. if she sees me while she's playing the living room, i'm done with whatever it is i was working on because she will scream and come find me, crying the whole way. oh, and sometimes pausing to chew on a shoe! we really need to find a better place to keep our shoes! i left her with my mom, sister, and grandma for an hour while i took molly to the doctor, she screamed the entire time. last week we made progress and she stayed with my parents while i went to a stampin' up party and did a bit better. she took a short nap, played for a bit, and then the crying set in. but she didn't scream the whole time! yay for progress! :) she's a little too much like her aunt anna was at this age. i just hope it doesn't last until she's 5!
molly continues to be one of sophie's favorite people. molly can usually make sophie happy in an instant by making a noise or talking to her. she loves to terrorize molly's toys and is constantly wrecking havoc on molly's toy set ups. she loves molly to come into her crib with her and "jump" (really it's just stepping) over her. this proves to be a great thing when i have to put groceries away - they're both out of my way!

it's really hard to believe that soph will be eight months in just a few weeks. it really doesn't seem possible. it's sad, really. i'm thankful her gross motor skills haven't progressed as quickly as molly's did - she still seems a bit more babyish! i'm not ready for her to grow up too much!