Thursday, March 31, 2011


i've started doing some formal "school" with molly. until this time, her learning of letters, numbers, and such has been through play, books, or t.v.. i really haven't sat down and truly taught her anything. however, she's really showing an interest in preschool and is determined to go next year (i need to start visiting the ones in town and make a decision) so i thought i'd give her a head start. i'm always looking at different blogs and websites with activities to do and finally found a curriculum (for free) that i like, a lot. You can check it out here: I've added a few other things in addition to this from various sights. the internet is a great thing!

we started with the letter L, the number 1, and the sight word, see. molly already knew the letter L and number 1, however, now knows the sound L makes and really does recognize the sight word see and can pick it out in other books. She's reading a little easy book called I See with pictures of the "L" words to help out. i'm not paitent enough to wait any longer for this video to load so if you want to see it, check it out on my facebook page.

In addition to reading, we've been practicing writing L's on lined paper.

We also made a cute ladybug thumbprint craft.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

i'm still here!

well it's been awhile! mainly because i'm exhausted after the girls go to bed and just want to sit and do nothing, oh, and my insane class i'm taking to complete my masters. i can't wait for may - i'll be done! finally!!! the saying do it while you don't have kids is's much harder when you do! :) anyway, here's a glimpse of what we've been up to.
omaha, nebraska: we went to omaha at the end of february so matt could run in a stair race. we made a weekend out of it and went to the zoo and children's museum.
the stair race that matt ran in was 40 stories, 870 stairs, and 633 feet in the sky! he did great too placing 109/1,417 with a time of 6:54. here's the outside of the building - First National Tower. Pretty impressive building on the inside too! celebrating sophie's 1st birthday - there's a whole blog post to come about this but here's a snapshot of her enjoying her first cupcake!
playing outside. we love to be outside and sophie loves that she can finally get down on the ground (although she needs lots of reminders to walk outside and not crawl!) visiting the mermaid princess at crown center