Wednesday, May 22, 2013

welcome fairies

i've seen posts on pinterest and was inspired by this blog here to help the girls create a fairy garden this spring. they're all about fairies and have fairies of their own that visit them regularly. we scrounged around the garage and found an old drawer to use as our base. i drilled some holes in the bottom for drainage. we found part of a pvc drain pipe thing that matt had used on our paola house to fix the drainage from the gutters and we covered it in bark and other dried plant material. we hot glued all this on in hopes that it would last. so far so good! we bought flowers at our local home depot as well as some moss. molly wanted to add a table so we made a bark table as well. she feeds the fairies acorns and leaves them on the table for them to munch on when they visit. the girls enjoy talking about their fairies living in the little house we created and imagining they are there.
in addition to the fairy garden we've planted a lot of other flowers as well. the girls received seeds and pots in their Easter basket and have enjoyed watching those flowers grow. they are eagerly awaiting the first bloom.

happy birthday, molly!

and now for molly's bday post!

molly finally, finally, finally turned 5! she's been waiting to be five for so long and she made it. the biggest thing about being five is kindergarten of course. molly cannot wait to start kindergarten. we've done all the preliminary activities and turned in enrollment papers so now we wait until august. she did say she's ready for a break from school this morning. it's not so much school she wants a break from, but getting up early. she likes to sleep until she wakes up, not be woken up. who doesn't though? i certainly can't blame her.

molly took cupcakes to school the day before her birthday to share with her friends.
we celebrated at home on her actual birthday
clothes for her molly doll!
happy birthday!
molly chose a spring garden theme for her party. here is her flower and butterfly cake.
party with family...molly books!
she had a small party with friends also. they painted flower pots and took home potting soil and flower seeds to plant in their pots.
molly really enjoyed her 5th birthday. the fun of being 5 has just begun!
here is molly's 5 year old interview:
favorite color - pink
favorite animal - monkey
favorite toy - molly doll
favorite food - dessert
favorite thing to do outside - ride her bike
favorite song - here i am to worship
favorite book - molly books
favorite t.v. show - dragon tales
favorite movie - tangled
favorite fruit - grapes
favorite thing to do with mommy - plant stuff
favorite thing to do with daddy - go to the river
favorite bible story - adam and eve
favorite restaurant - t-rex cafe
favorite sport - soccer
best friend - maggie
what she wants to be when she grows up - a teacher
i'm so lucky to be this smart, beautiful girl's mommy. she's stubborn and determined but also sweet and kind. she has a love for learning and life and loves to be the center of attention. she loves acting and putting on shows and has mastered pulling up her hair into a ponytail. this summer we are going to tackle tying shoes and riding a bike without training wheels. stop growing up so fast! i love you, molly! 

happy birthday, sophie!

we celebrated sophie's 3rd birthday in march, yes, march...i'm a little behind. finding time to blog is very difficult with a newborn. better late then never, right?

three years old is that magical age. the age where you can do so much because you're finally old enough. at three, sophie was able to start going to sunday school and junior church. she was so excited to be out of the nursery at church. she played soccer for the first time this spring and will start gymnastics in just a few weeks. three also means she is tall enough for all the kid rides at silver dollar city. she's been waiting to ride the roller coaster for so long. this fall, she'll have a blast!

sophie is all about minnie mouse and that's how we partied...minnie style. on her actual birthday she had minnie cupcakes (iced pink with white dots) and opened up her gifts from us.

we had our family over for a combined bday party with molly.
sophie's minnie cake
minnie slippers!
 turning three also meant getting to have a friend bday party. sophie and her friends decorated minnie bows

played pin the bow on minnie
 and just had a fun time!
here is sophie's 3 year old interview:
favorite color - pink
favorite animal - lion
favorite toy - minnie
favorite food - cupcakes
favorite thing to do outside - play on the swing set
favorite song - Jesus loves me
favorite book - minnie
favorite t.v. show - minnie
favorite movie - cars
favorite fruit - strawberries
favorite thing to do with mommy - do preschool stuff
favorite thing to do with daddy - go on a bike ride
favorite Bible story - God on a boat
favorite restaurant - chinese
favorite sport - basketball
best friend - kate
what she wants to be when she grows up - a mommy
i just love this spunky little girl. she always makes us laugh and comes up with the cutest sayings. she definitely ornery but has a super sweet personality and is so caring and loving. she's still a cuddler and always wants to please. i love you soph!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

This weeks menu...

I know my dad and grandpa have missed seeing what "weird" things I fix for my family and I've been meaning to start back up with my weekly menus on the blog. Here we go...


Monday - spinach and bean burrito wrap
Tuesday - Matt's on his own. Girls and I will be in emporia visiting Alex.
Wednesday - grilled chicken pizza 
Thursday - steak fajita sandwiches in pitas, squash chips
Friday - buffalo legs, Steak fries, peas
Saturday - in Paola
Sunday - smoked thighs, mashed potatoes, broccoli


Monday - moms cooking!
Tuesday - pbj, cucumber slices, fruit
Wednesday - bean burritos
Thursday - deli turkey, cheese, fruit
Friday - eggs, toast
Saturday - rainbow chicken
Sunday - pbj, yogurt, cucumbers

****this was dessert today for Mother's Day. Delicious!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Sophie makes me laugh out loud

Sophie is funny! Well at least I think so. This evening she made me bust out laughing out in the front yard she looked down our street and saw someone mowing their lawn on a rider and in all seriousness said, "there's Santa". It was just an elderly lady, a little on the heavy side wearing white pants, a red sweatshirt, and had white hair. I can see how she thought Santa was down the street.