Thursday, May 31, 2012

summer school

molly LOVES school and was so bummed that there was a summer break for preschool. she couldn't understand why anyone would want a break. i love her enthusiasm for school and learning and assured her that we'd do fun school stuff this summer. i'm sure one day this will not be the case and i'll be posting that she hates that i'm a teacher, like one of my facebook friends posted earlier in the week, when i'm forcing her to read and keep her multiplication facts in the forefront of her mind over summer break.

so, i've come up with some fun summery units, in no particular order for letter practice. this week we're doing A and P for ants and picnic since they go well together. today we made the letter P out of playdough and then created a picnic with our fun picnic playdough set complete with little black ants crawling to and on our plate. the girls loved it!

molly's 1st P without any prompts on how to make one

making ants

lining up ants

very focused

concentrating on placing ants

the final product

after playdough we made A and P pages. molly loved searching through magazines and finding A and P words. it was hard to find A words! sophie enjoyed gluing her pictures on and scaring me when she'd grab the scissors and attempt to cut.

lots more to come on letters A and P!

Friday, May 25, 2012


it's been a little while so here's a quick update on what we've been doing.

cloud dough: mix 8 cups of flour with 1 cup of baby oil and enjoy. (i doubled the recipe) thanks pinterest for the idea!

 it's messy...well, at least when my girls play with it. but it does clean up nicely. so much better to play with outside on the deck.

 sidewalk chalk paint: mix 1/2 c. cornstarch with 1/2 c. water add food coloring. paint on driveway. so much fun!!! again, messy so we wear paint clothes! (also a pinterest thing!)

 mother's day: molly's preschool class put on a little program and tea for all the moms. she made this cute little gift and had so much fun visiting with me during the tea.
 love my girl!

last day of preschool: molly's preschool celebrated their last day at the park. here's a pictures with her teacher, mrs. franklin. she was wonderful!

playing in the rain: we haven't had much rain so the girls enjoyed getting out their umbrellas and getting wet!

graduation: my little brother, alex, graduated from high school last saturday. he's off to emporia state in august to study secondary education with an emphasis in history. molly's not too sure about this college thing and uncle alex being gone. 

kansas city zoo: today we took the girls to the zoo. we watched an animal show and at the end the girls were able to give the macaw a dollar to put in his mailbox to help save his friends. 

while at the zoo we also rode the sky tram. that was fun! we had a great view of the giraffes and zebras and their cute little babies. it's been a fun month!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

race day!

yesterday was race day! i saw a flyer for the global orphan project 5k several months ago hanging up at the church where molly's preschool was located. it said it was a family run and that strollers were allowed. i was all for that since i normally have the girls in tow when i run. so, i signed up. i don't do these runs to win (i'm not good enough, anyway) but more for the satisfaction of completion and the t-shirt. matt's thoughts, "so basically you want a $25 t-shirt." yeah, pretty much! but hey, i also like knowing that i participated. i've been running for awhile now...ever since it warmed up. which i guess was like february! i'm really amazed at how far i've come. i started out running approx. 2.5 miles and it took me in the neighborhood of 30 minutes. i can now do it in 24.5 min with the stroller, running hard. my goal for the 5k was 30 minutes (i ran one in october of 2010 and did it in 30). i was super excited when i reached the 2 mile mark and looked at my watch reading 18:47. i knew i could beat my goal. still pacing myself, i realized i was closer to the finish than i thought (i thought i had to go around another part of the park before finishing) so i sped up and sprinted for the last 45 sec or so to cross the finish line in 28:04. i was 115/317 and 8/31 in my age group. needless to say, i was pretty pleased. now, as i'm typing this, it sounds like i'm boasting on myself. not really the point of this, but more that hard work and dedication pay off. i've been running 2.5 miles at least 3 days a week for months and it showed!

the other point of this post is to brag about molly and sophie. they participated in a kids fun run that was about 1/4 of a mile or a little longer. molly ran the whole thing, hard. she didn't stop, once! sophie started out strong (for about 30 seconds) then had to walk...she was sweaty! then she'd run again! we cut across the grass to catch up with molly so i could get pictures. sophie ran a bit more, then i carried her to almost the finish i could get pictures. she was against this and wanted to run herself. the best part of the whole run, the girls received a medal! they were so excited and wore them quite a bit yesterday. molly can't wait to do it again. she's convinced she won! no official time for time matt will have to time her.

 waiting for the race to start

 on your mark, get set, GO!!!

crossing the finish line

 resimulated crossing the finish line since she finished before sophie!

 proud finishers with their medals!

fitness is a big part of our family and i'm glad the girls are learning that at a young age. sophie repeatedly tells me she's going to the choo-choo's (the path where i run has a train track that runs along side so seeing trains is a big deal to sophie) to run with her baby and then takes off through the house.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

yum, yum

here's what we've been eating this week and will eat...

monday: pigs in a blanket (made with johnsonville turkey and cheddar sausage), sweek potato fries
tuesday: leftover pizza from sunday
wednesday: enchiladas
thursday: honey grilled porkchops, baked sweet potatoes, roasted asparagus (pictured above...not to shabby!)
friday: chicken salad, roasted green beans, strawberries
saturday: parmesan chicken, pasta and red sauce, veggie
sunday: creamy shrimp and veggie enchiladas, refried beans, mexican rice