Thursday, June 30, 2011

so glad i caught this moment

sophie loves bubbles! bu bu was one of her first words and really the only one she says really well besides ma ma. she's loves to catch bubbles, watch them be blown, and try blowing them herself. usually, the blowing herself results in eating them and blowing the bubbles from her mouth! tonight, she figured it out! i didn't even realize until i looked at the picture i was taking. she was so cute sitting on the table on our deck trying to blow that i decided to take a picture. then, i saw the bubbles! she did it! and then again after that. i'm so glad i caught this moment!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

molly's fairies

molly is all girl, all imagination and she has fairies. it varies from day to day how many she has. some are good and some are bad. the good ones help her and the bad ones do bad things, cause her to do bad things. she does have three consistent fairies (all good) molly fairy, tinkerbell fairy, and ashen-vince (don't ask me where she came up with this name!). these fairies go on bike rides with her - there's a trailer hooked to her bike that they ride in. last night, anna was over for a sleepover and ashen-vince fairy stayed at grandpa and grandma's house. she was hiding there. grandma found out today she had a fairy staying with her last night.

molly talks to her fairies regularly also. she'll be carrying on a conversation with herself and we'll ask her who she's talking to. the answer is always, "my fairies". the fairies do all sorts of things such as have babies, put make up on molly, and the latest, have pink eye. it's never all, but at least one of them.

we bought pool toys a few weeks ago and molly was thrilled that we found a mermaid fairy pool toy. it's a favorite among the girls at the pool. she has the tinkerbell movie and loves books that have to do with fairies.

so, if anyone is in need of a fairy, molly's the one to talk to. she'll tell you all about them, how to get them, and what they can do for you!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

fun with cousin brynnlea

molly's cousin brynnlea lives a couple hours away and so they don't get a chance to interact much. last night, however, my parents brought brynnlea over to play with molly. she was thrilled to hear she was coming and as soon as we got home from our birthday party, she started crafting pictures for brynnlea. the first was a picture using some of the princess stickers she got at the party, then a card with a picture of sleeping beauty,and finally a picture of ariel. coloring just wasn't enough so we decorated the tail with bits of tissue paper. of course, it all had to be wrapped in a gift bag with wrapping paper. she met brynnlea at the door with it.

we ate pizza then went outside to play. the girls had so much fun in the sandbox, play house, and blowing bubbles.


we capped the evening off with brownies and ice cream. molly wasn't ready for brynnlea to leave, and brynnlea wasn't ready to leave either. i'm so glad these girls are close in age and hoping they'll be good friends as they grow up!

Thursday, June 2, 2011


we went to the pool tonight for the first time this summer. i love our pool and especially the fact that it's free at 7:30. we can swim for 30 minutes then come home and head to bed. a great summer time routine! we planned to go tomorrow afternoon with matt but i decided i wanted to check out the water temperature before we pay to go. it was a little chilly at first, but not bad. sophie didn't turn blue so that was a good indicator.

sophie loved the water. i knew she would because we went swimmng at an indoor pool a couple weeks ago and she had a blast. she loved going down the frog slide,and the best part was it was a frog. sophie loves frogs and so the fact that the slide is a frog makes sophie very happy! pictures to come when matt is with me to help catch.

molly grew like a weed over the past year. last summer she could barely touch over the by the wall 2.5 ft. we didn't feel comfortable letting her that far by herself. this year, no problem. she walks all over the shallow end without the water coming close to going over her head. she wants to swim so bad too! i'm anxious for swimming lessons next year. she's going to be quite the little fish!

i plan to take the girls as much as possible before baby 3 comes along. it's a great way to end our evening!