Tuesday, November 27, 2012

christmas time is here....

on saturday we headed out to the great outdoors in search of the drake family christmas tree. ok, we didn't do it quite christmas vacation style, but went back to the little tree farm we found up here last year. this year, we discovered that we need to be there on the friday after thanksgiving at 9 when they open to select our tree. we chose a nice tree but many of the "good ones" were already tagged and purchased. one thing we are getting better at is finding a tree that fits in our house. we've always had a habit of picking a tree that was way too big. 

when we lived in paola we had a huge picture window and in 2009 this was the tree we found. it filled our living room to the point that we could only sit on one side of the couch to see the t.v. half our living room was taken up by tree. but it was a beautiful, full christmas tree that brought us lots of compliments from those passing by our house.
here is this year's tree all decortated minus the girls' new ornaments for the year. we're still waiting on molly's to come. hopefully it will be here tomorrow. we have a wonderful tradition of getting our kids a new ornament every year to build up there collection. my parents did this with me (and still do) and i loved when i had a place of my own to have all my special ornaments. to this day they're still on the tree (many filling in the sides and back, but they're there). molly and sophie are building up quite a collection and it's so fun to see their faces light up as they rediscover their ornaments each year.


tonight we watched how the grinch stole christmas (the animated version). this along with charlie brown's christmas, is my favorite christmas movie. we read the book after dinner and i whipped up some green peanut butter grinch cookies. the girls were so excited to watch (and eat). they really enjoyed the movie (and the cookies).

no, sophie didn't eat the entire platter. i removed it after the picture and limited them to two cookies much to their disapproval.

following the grinch was shrek the halls which they were not at all interested in. molly was begging for a grinch craft though so i got on the internet and found this one. make a grinch head, add eyes, mouth, and santa hat and then on the mouth write what you would do to make the grinch grin.

here are the completed grinches. sophie's mouth says, "to make the grinch grin i would dress him like a princess and dance", and molly's says,"...i would tell him stories, kiss him, and make friends with him."
i think we're going to do some fun gingerbread activities next. stay tuned....

Saturday, November 24, 2012

goodbye mullet!

this past tuesday we took a trip to paola to visit friends and get haircuts from our favorite stylist, emmy. i was in desperate need of  a trim and sophie, well, she had a mullet. poor girl, the sides of her hair just wouldn't grow. i left it like this for the summer and just pulled her hair up a lot but gave up on the sides catching up. i've trimmed the back once before but she was not going to allow me to do it again. so, the appointment was made and she was excited to sit in the big chair and get her hair cut (she also knew there was a sucker involved when she finished).

front before

back before
the cut
front after
back after
she looks so cute and a little older, too. when we got out to the van after getting it cut she looked at me and said, i didn't cry. she just went snip snip and it didn't hurt. she asks me daily if it's still short. hopefully it will grow evenly this time. if not, she'll be in a cute little bob until it does! 

happy thanksgiving!

Oh give thanks to the Lord for He is GOOD. His mercy endures forever. we have much to be thankful for this year and had a great day of giving thanks to our God who supplies all our needs (and most of our wants too!) matt was scheduled to work thanksgiving but took some vacation time so he could be home. a 5-day weekend has been so nice!

we kicked off the morning watching the parade. sophie was ready to go and didn't quite understand why we weren't there to watch. when i told her we'd have to fly on an airplane to get there she really got excited. maybe someday....i'd love to watch the thanksgiving day parade live. the girls and matt followed the parade with turkey coloring sheets and then we all played thanksgiving bingo.

i was very thankful i had started food prep the night before so i didn't have to spend as much time in the kitchen on thanksgiving morning. i popped the bird in the oven at 7:15 and then just had a few things to warm and bake when it came out. while i prepared the sweet potatoes and green bean casserole to go in the oven the girls made turkeys out of our homemade pumpkin pie scented playdough and feathers.

molly's turkey needed more feathers!
sophie changed hers up a bit too!
molly even made an Indian!

after playdough was cleaned up it was time for the girls to start helping with lunch preparations.

mixing the pumpkin dump cake...um, this is sinfully delicious. here's the recipe; you must try it! http://www.thepickyapple.com/blog/2008/11/22/pumpkin-crunch-cake/
putting marshmallows on the sweet potatoes.

sophie placed the rolls on the cookie sheet

while molly finished setting the table
big girl sophie  helped put the rolls in the oven. she was pretty proud of this accomplishment!
we feasted....well, matt and i did. molly and sophie were their usual picky eater selves and we pretty much forced them to eat with a threat that there would be no cake later on. as i was cleaning up and picking bones off the turkey, i found the wishbone. the girls enjoyed this too. sophie was victorious only by cheating and holding on to the top  as she pulled when molly wasn't really trying.

the girls and matt spent the afternoon outside riding their bikes while i rested on the couch. then we headed to my parents house for some family time. matt went to walmart on thanksgiving night with my brother and sister and bought the girls some new fleece pjs. that was the extent of our black friday shopping. i didn't attempt the early morning shopping in order to keep myself and this little bundle growing inside me safe. next year, shoppers, i'll be there, pushing my way through, loving the adrenaline rush of getting a good deal!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

awana grand prix

today molly participated in the awana grand prix at our church. we started with a block of wood and some wheels and had to design, cut, sand, and paint a car to race. matt helped her draw lines for cutting and then cut the car out. molly helped sand and of course painted the car (her favorite part). there was a parent race also, so we purchased a kit for sophie to help with.


when we got to the church this morning we did a trial run and neither car made to the finish line....doh! other dads to the rescue as they gave us graphite to put on the axles. a little bit of that made a big difference and the cars finally crossed the finish line. they weren't fast, but they finished!

molly's care started off strong, getting second place in the first heat, but then dropped into last for the remainder of heats. she may have had a few third place finishes but overall, her car was not a winner in the race department.
 molly's car is in the yellow lane in this picture.
sophie participated in the adult race and was so excited to watch her car go down the track.
unfortunately, the green monster was no match for the cheese car.

molly won second place for design, bringing her medal count up to 3! at this rate, we may run out of wall space to hang them. :) she loves, loves, loves getting medals!