Thursday, April 26, 2012

planting flowers

a few weeks ago i made the girls a new sensory box - a flower planting box. they absolutely love it and easily spent an hour playing with it.

after playing on the deck, the flowers were taken down to the picnic table for decoration.

 molly had a grand idea to have a bake sale since the table was decorated. she and sophie whipped up some sand pies and cake to sell.

 molly pretending to sample her goods.
 making some more baked goods.
success! tons of fun! expands the imagination! possibilities are endless!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

this week's menu

last week was a no go on most, i'm hoping for a better selection this week. friday - lime cumin crusted chicken with avacado salsa saturday - buffalo chicken drumsticks, salad, tator tots sunday - crock pot pork chops with brown rice monday - chicken fajita melts tuesday - alfredo chicken spinach and bacon pizza, salad wednesday - baked creamy chicken taquitos thursday - cafe rio type salad (mexican salad)

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

4 wishing i was 5

sixteen days ago, my baby girl turned 4. hard to believe she's already four. she wishes she was five, because all her friends are five (not really, and i have to remind her of this but nonetheless she wants to be 5). molly continues to be a bright, vibrant little girl. she has the most vivid imagination and can make anything come to life and be believable in her little head. she has vivid dreams also and quite frequently talks in her sleep.

molly still has strong motherly instincts and is anxious for us to have another baby. she's always very curious about lucy and wants to make sure things are just so on her grave. i love her love for her sister that she demonstrates when talking about her and picking out flowers. while waiting on matt and i, she has a baby daily. usually once a day, sometimes more than once, she goes to the hospital to have another baby. really she should be in the book or records for fastest conception, human growth, delivery, and recovery. amazingly enough, she doesn't gain a pound! her babies have many birthdays that are celebrated, gymnastics classes to be attended, school, and swimming lessons.

gymnastics is still a favorite of molly's and she continues to attend every monday. this summer she will move up to the 4-6 year old  class. i was surprised she was ready, thinking she might spend the summer in the 3-5 year old class but her teacher says she's ready to go. she's a model student in gymnastics also with her listening skills. she's often picked to demonstrate the activities to her class because she is a good listener (if only it was that way at home :) ).

preschool is at the top of molly's list of things to do. she gets upset when there are days off. she had such a hard time wrapping her brain around spring break and why anyone would want a break from school. she's disappointed that summer is coming also. and, when she goes to big school (elementary) she is wondering why she's not in school until dinner time. crazy girl! but, i'm glad she loves school. she's doing exceptional in school as well. she still loves to write and shows an interest in reading. she can sound out letters now she just has to learn how to hear the sounds forming a word.

molly really enjoys playing with sophie also. she's always formatting pretend situations for the two of them to engage in. sophie eats it up, too. always eager to tag along with molly.

we celebrated molly's birthday in style - 4 celebrations. she kicked off the start of her birthday with a family party. at this party she received a dalmatian molly fish from my parents. she was so excited to have a fish, but sadly, molly passed on 2 weeks after. i made the mistake of flushing the fish. molly thought we should bury it, after all, that's all she knows about death. she was so upset about the situation but is happy again because we replaced her fish with a beta, also named molly.  next she had her actual birthday. we did presents and had tinkerbell cupcakes. she even got a birthday balloon at gymnastics. unfortunately there was a downside to her birthday, the jayhawks lost the national championship game. she didn't care...the next day she took tinkerbell cupcakes to school and choose a pack of pencils from the birthday box, and finally, the past saturday she celebrated with her friends (the reason for the tardiness of this post - i was waiting until all celebrations were complete). happy birthday, sweetie! i love you!