Monday, August 11, 2014

This is life right now...

Miles and I have been up since 6:45, the girls since 7. This. Is. Early. We are a stay up late, sleep in kind of family. I love not having to stick to a schedule of strict bedtimes and just play it day by day based on moods and what we have planned. This thing called school gets in the way of my spontaneous nights and mornings. See, if the kids just stayed little we wouldn't have to worry about this.  Anyway, Molly starts 1st grade (sniff) on Wednesday, Sophie starts preschool (sniff, sniff) next Monday, and Miles is 18 months old today (sniff, sniff, sniff). Matt switched shifts at work so he's now working overnight and sleeping during the day so I can't rely on him to take the girls to school like last year. I had it made last year. This is better though because he will be awake when Molly comes home from school and we will have evenings together like a "normal" family (if normal really exists). 

I usually don't "practice" getting up early for school. I mean, the more days I can sleep in the better but I have to transition Miles to an earlier nap time, resulting in an earlier bedtime (hopefully). So, here we are up  at 7. Everyone has showered, dressed (except Miles) and eaten breakfast by 8:10. We are in good shape to be on time to school this year assuming all mornings go as smoothly (yeah, right!). Molly hates being rushed around and told to hurry up so I'm trying to allow for plenty of "take your time" in the mornings. 

The challenge today will be keeping Miles awake until 1 which, will be almost impossible because we are meeting friends at the park later on this morning and he will probably fall asleep in the car, and keeping Sophie in good spirits without taking a nap. 

Happy Monday!