Sunday, June 2, 2013

preschool graduation

may 23, 2013 was molly's preschool graduation. she was so excited for this day and really had been talking about it since her uncle alex graduated high school in 2012. that was her one request, she wanted alex there to watch since she watched his graduation. it was a cute little program. each class sang a song. molly's class sang 5 little monkeys jumping on the bed.

after the songs we watched a slide show of pictures throughout the year. the song let them be little got me. i'd never heard it before but it was a tear jerker and a new favorite. here it is if you've never heard. all parents of little ones should listen to this often.

while we watched the slide show the graduates put their caps on and prepared to graduate.

molly and her fabulous teacher, mrs. heinerkison.
the diploma

uncle alex made it! she was so excited. 
the family shot. we now have a kindergartner!
way to go molly! we are looking forward to enjoying your kindergarten year with you as you continue to learn new things.