Wednesday, March 28, 2012

just a menu for now but there's lots more to come!

i've been forgetting to blog about what we've been eating each week. we are eating. just so you know! :) and, i know my dad's been missing out reading about all my "strange" recipes that i make my girls eat. hey, i like to try new things. i'm looking forward to his comments this week. i bet after reading you'll be able to guess the meal he'll comment on the most. :)

b: cereal
l: black bean and mango tostadas
d: freezer burritos

b: cereal
l: sausage and kraut
d: bbq chicken drumsticks, roasted green beans, chips

b: cereal
l: guacamole grilled cheese sandwiches, chips, grapes
d: rotisserie chicken, baked potato, veggies

b: cereal
l: shrimp, tomato, spinach alfredo pizza
d: pbj, honey carrots

b: cereal
l: hamburgers, tator tots, carrots, grapes (molly's choice)
d: at the folks

b: cereal
l: pitas with hummus, chicken, and various veggies, parfaits
d: broccoli cheese omlets, toast, fruit

did you figure it out? my guess is the black bean and mango tostadas. we'll see! love you, dad!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

it's fun to be 2!

i can't believe my little sophie is 2! she turned 2 on sunday and it couldn't have come any sooner for her. she's had been gearing up for her birthday for some time, knowing she'd be two and would have a frog party. when we told her she'd get presents she said, "ho, ho", thinking santa would bring her a present on her birthday too. we had to explain several times that only mommy and daddy, molly, and grandpa and grandma (and a few others but we kept it simple) would give her presents. she was okay with that.

one of the big highlights of turning two, which she experienced about three weeks prior, was getting to eat two vitamins instead of one in the morning. it's been quite the issue once she figured out what the number two meant and saw molly, and mommy and daddy eating two. so, we gave in a little early and let her have two. she was thrilled and still gets excited that she gets two! hopefully she won't expect three next year!

sophie brings so much joy to our lives. if you're in a bad mood, sophie's bound to cheer you up with her latest fashion statement, laugh, or just being silly. she's still a cuddler and loves to be held and snuggled with - so much that she still wakes up at night, comes into bed with me, and falls right asleep. sometimes i wish she'd sleep in her bed through the night, but i'm not going to lie, i like snuggling with her!

sophie is obsessed with frogs (hence the frog party), likes the color green (although pink is a close second), and enjoys anything sweet. she still is a pretty good eater but has become a bit pickier with age. playing with her baby, cooking in her kitchen, building (well, mainly crashing) towers, and pretend play with molly are some of her favorite things to do. she rarely can go anywhere without her baby (oh, and her blanket - she's still highly attached to that), and puts her baby to bed at night, complete with a blanket and a kiss.

sophie loves to be outside and now comments every night when it gets dark, "dark" "side". to which i respond, it's dark, we can't play outside. sophie: "no". visits to the park get a big "yay" and a clap. she loves to swing and slide and climb up all the dangerous things that she's not really big enough for! she's terribly afraid of bugs. just tonight, a fly landed on her stroller while we were walking and she started screaming. you would have thought it was a giant spider, nope, just a fly. i hope she gets over that soon or it's going to be a long summer!

she takes great interest in books and tv shows. it amazes me how much she pickes up and remembers. i read molly short chapter books about fairies and she picks up on what's going on at times. curious george, spot, and biscuit are some of her favorites along with the book about frogs she got from great grandma at christmas time. we still read that several times a week! she enjoys watching barney, elmo, curious george, dora, and winnie the pooh.

take your seat is another game sophie likes to play. she does this with matt and grandpa most often. as soon as they're up, sophie's in their spot giggling, waiting to see what their reaction will be. she's full of life and excitement and i love that it radiates through our lives! i am so blessed to have sophie in our life and i look forward to watching her grow and learn!