Wednesday, December 12, 2012

fun with gingerbread

the past couple weeks the girls have had a lot of fun with gingerbread people. normally i don't think to do too much with gingerbread men at christmas time. sure they're cute and i've always wanted to buy one of those kits to make a gingerbread house but never have. this year, my mom gave the girls a cute foam gingerbread man ornament kit to put together so along with that the help of pinterest (my crafty bff resource) i found some fun things for us to do.

we made yummy chewy gingerbread cookies. i'm not a big fan of gingerbread cookies but wanted the girls to experience them so i searched around for a recipe that had good reviews and when i saw a chewy one i knew this was it. much better than the hard, crunchy gingerbread cookies. here's the recipe link:

we painted gingerbread people using gingerbread paint. just mixed some brown (and white to lighten) paint with ginger, cinnamon and cloves. it smelled wonderful! and the fact that we could paint outside was an added bonus!

 later that evening when the gingerbread paint had dried the girls decorated their gingerbread people with paint and glitter. sophie remembered that i had mentioned it. i am still finding glitter in my dining room. i think we'll go outside to glitter next time (even if it's freezing).

here are the foam ornaments that grandma gave the girls. molly was set on turning hers into a girl so she opted to place the bow on the side of the gingerbread's head rather than using it as a bow tie as suggested. sophie followed.
of course there has to be some learning involved (it's the teacher in me, i can't help it). sophie worked on patterning with gingerbread houses, men, and candy.

molly worked on vowel sounds and spelling words that were on the gingerbread.

both girls enjoyed counting out buttons and placing them on the gingerbread. they also enjoyed just decorating also.

 we made the cutest book that i found on this site called one yummy gingerbread. first the girls decorated their gingerbread people. 

here is the story

finally, today, we made our gingerbread houses. this was supposed to be done last week but molly had a little problem when she was told she couldn't have a sucker after lunch. her behavior resulted in a consequence of no treats for a week. it's tough to make a gingerbread house if you can't eat it so waited. sophie needed a lot of help assembling hers. molly really only needed help on the roof. decorating was a cinch!

sophie's finished product
and molly's

such fun times. oh, and they did eat dinner, no one was sick, and went to bed and fell asleep without any problems. guess they get their high sugar tolerance from me! 

Monday, December 10, 2012

update on sneak the elf

here is what sneak has been up to the past 5 days!
sleeping in the doll bed

reading christmas books to the snowmen

riding on the snowman's shoulders
holding baby Jesus

replacing stockings with underwear. he did replace matt and my stockings
with our underwear also but i'll spare you the picture of it!
the girls are having so much fun with him. molly had a mild panic attack yesterday morning as she accidently touched him while trying to set up the wise men that had fallen over at the manger scene. she lost her balance and her hand came down on his legs. she was so upset and crying. i assured her the magic would probably not be gone becuase it was an accident and she just lost her balance. fortunatly sneak felt the same way and came back this morning with one of his silliest ideas yet!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

meet sneak

sneak the elf came to visit us on december 1st. having an elf is a new thing for our family but i was sure molly and sophie would love it, and they do! especially molly. she loves magic and make believe and just eats it all up. the girl believes in fairies and loves the magic of things so i knew the elf would be a hit. on saturday morning, the girls found him hanging from the fireplace door with a note. next to him was a box containing the book that gave us all the instructions about him. we chose the name sneak because he'll be sneaking around our house. the girls spent lots of time by him on saturday reading him books, wondering if he was going to change positions, and how he was going to get the note off (which reads, "hi molly and sophie! please do not touch me! open the present i brought and lets have some fun!)
day 2 he was a little tricky to find. it wasn't until they were taking a bath sunday morning that they spotted him.

sophie found him on day 3 munching on some gingerbread cookies. molly was hoping he'd eat one of the cookies we'd made the night before. he made a mess of crumbs which the girls thought was hilarious.
day 4 was playtime as sneak decided to have tea with molly and sophie's babies.
today, day 5 was probably their least favorite because he covered up some ornaments when tp-ing the christmas tree. sophie was very bothered she couldn't see her monkey and both girls were anxious for the toilet paper to come off. while they still thought it was silly, they didn't like their ornaments covered.

and there he sits, still perched in the toilet paper roll at the top of the tree waiting to see where i'll place him tonight. i still don't know....perhaps he'll read some christmas books.