Saturday, August 25, 2012

take me out to the ball game

last night i took the girls to their first "real" baseball game. i've been wanting to all summer but it's been so stinkin' hot that we've had to wait. molly kept insisting it wasn't her first game since she's been to many of her uncle alex's high school games. nonetheless, it was a the first game in a stadium. we went to the t-bones game for a more relaxed atmosphere, not to mention it's cheaper!

i like the t-bones games because everyone just goes to have fun. there's no booing if they totally blow it or if there is a disagreement with the officiating. don't get me wrong, i love competition and all the rivalry and the way fans get into the games but sometimes it's nice to just watch a fun game.

not to mention, these two sillies don't exactly sit still and like to move around. the fact that their weren't many fans there made that possible. we had half a row to ourselves and we weren't up high so moving around was very permissible.

they got so excited whenever sizzle, the bull, came out on the field and wanted to see him. he finally came to our side so we high-tailed it up the steps to try and meet him. once we got close, sophie was terrified. clinging to my leg and hiding behind it terrified. molly, loved every minute and he stopped to take a picture with her.

we had some play time on the swing set during the sixth and seventh innings and were fortunate that the nice man checking bags and purses allowed us to bring in our snacks and water. i assumed it was like the royals game and they allowed you to bring food and drinks in.

the t-bones end their home games for the season on sunday so i'm glad we made it. it was the absolute one thing i wanted to do with the girls this summer. check it off my summer bucket list!

Monday, August 20, 2012

first day of the last year of preschool

the day molly has been anticipating since the end of may finally came! this girl has a love for learning and loves school. she would have gone all summer if she could have. we've been counting down the days and today was it! molly woke up singing (as she usually does), hopped right out bed and ate a cheese omelet with chocolate milk for breakfast. she marched right upstairs afterwards and got dressed. then, requested her hair be braided. easy, and done. she was ready to go!

when we got to school, molly walked right in like she'd been there just yesterday, hung her backpack, sat down at the table and got to work! 

molly seems to have a great teacher and the year is looking to be a great one. although, i think she may be disappointed that she doesn't learn all that she's planning on academically. one of the first things she told me when i picked her up is that they didn't work on spelling because it was the first day. she's ready to go back and is glad she only has to wait a day.

if you're on pinterest you've probably seen the questions to every year on your child's birthday. well, i completely forgot on their birthdays so i decided to do it on the first day of school. here's molly's 1st day of preschool interview:

favorite color: purple and pink
favorite animal: monkey
favorite toy: polly pockets and my baby
favorite food: peanut butter and honey
favorite thing to do outside: call my friends on the phone and ride bikes with them
favorite song: Jesus loves me
favorite book: tinkerbell books
favorite t.v. show: caillou
favorite movie: peter pan
favorite fruit: pineapple
favorite thing to do with mommy: make art projects
favorite thing to do with daddy: go fishing
favorite Bible story: Jesus heals the sick girl
favorite restaurant: dinosaur restaurant (t-rex cafe)
favorite sport: gymnastics
favorite outfit: polka dot shirt
best friend: maggie
when i grow up: school teacher

hard to believe in a year she'll be in kindergarten 5 days a week, all day long. i'm going to miss that girl when she's gone all day!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

our morning at the weston red barn

this morning the girls and i went with some friends to the red barn in weston, mo. we had been once before around halloween last year to see the animals and look at pumpkins but this trip was even better! we saw chickens, geese, turkeys, and goats. the nice lady working there showed all the kids how to feed the geese and chickens grass so they wouldn't accidentally try to eat their fingers!  
molly was successful in feeding the geese however, they became more interested in a stroller that one of the moms had and left before sophie could try her hand at it.
here the girls are feeding the chickens. sophie continually called the chickens over, demanding they eat and tried forcing grass into their beaks! she wasn't so successful in the feeding department!

trying to lure the chicken with some grass.

here the nice worker is helping the girls feed the geese. sophie must not have had a long enough piece of grass because it nibbled her finger while trying to take the grass.
we picked apples after seeing the animals. this was so fun! i have never (that i remember at least) picked apples. the girls absolutely loved it. molly took care to look for holes and bad spots on the apples before picking.
i love that the apples were close to the ground so the girls could reach with out having to be picked up. sophie didn't take much care in the selection process; she just picked. she didn't do too bad though!

here sophie is moving on to a new tree.

there were so many apples and lots of trees to choose from!
tasting one of her apples. these girls are loving the apples. they've already each had three today! molly has big plans for me to make a pie as well.
55 apples! 10 pounds! we have a lot of apples! not too bad on price either. it came out to $1.80/lb. just a bit higher than the grocery store sells them right now. and it's more fun to eat them because we picked them. we'll definitely be visiting again for more apple picking this fall! 

Saturday, August 11, 2012

summer olympics 2012

the olympics have been so enjoyable over the past two weeks. molly cried today when i told her they would be over tomorrow and she would have to wait until she was 8 for the summer olympics to be back on. we've watched more t.v. and had it on in the background these past two weeks then i think we do in two months! so worth it though. molly is a big USA supporter and loved watching to see how many points we had or if we were number one. she finally figured out that we live in the united states (after asking a billion times when i'd tell her the united states athlete was performing).

gymnastics (of course) was probably the favorite sport around our house. molly hasn't stopped flipping. not that she really had before the olympics but it seems more prominent now. the girl constantly has to be flipping off the couch, standing on her head, doing somersaults and cartwheels. lifting a leg in the air, etc. she's even trying to perfect cartwheeling off her balance beam and asked me if she would need to use chalk on her hands during gymnastics class. i assured her it wasn't necessary just quite yet. sophie's quite the little somersaulter as well and is looking foward to turning 3 so she can take gymnastics too! oh, molly will be in the olympics so she says. look for her in 2024!

swimming and diving were also fun to watch. molly perfected the backstroke at our pool and tried out synchronized jumping with another little girl. she'll be a multi sport olympian! sophie in the mean time is attempting to swim underwater and is convinced she is when she holds her breath and puts her mouth in the water and walks in the pool. it is the cutest thing ever. i need to remember a camera next we go so i can capture this achievement!

sophie enjoyed horse jumping and they both tried their hand at rhythmic gymnastics with a large ribbon we have. molly learned a little about volleyball and liked watching the girls dive on the ground to hit the ball.

we did a few fun/learning based activities to go along with the olympics as well. here they are.

painting the olympic rings with homemade puffy paint. i found it on pinterest at this site:  it's kinda puffy when you microwave but didn't look at good as the example. still fun and the girls loved it. don't over cook - it will burn!

 molly took great care in making her rings. she's my little perfectionist when it comes to art!   
 sophie's final product! hard to see the puff but it did work a little!
 molly's final product! notice the burn mark. paint was a little thin in this area. the thicker the better and the more puff!
 here the girls are working on some educational activities. this learning pack came from sophie is making a color book. she had to look at the colored word, then color the ring to match.
 molly is working on pictures of her favorite events. then she wrote the name of the event and i wrote down why she liked the event.
 counting practice
 more counting practice.
sophie did a matching puzzle game with different girls playing different sports in the olympics.

molly worked on a puzzle of the olympic rings and medals.
 sophie's finished work!
molly's olympic drawings.

it was a fun olympic year. i'm looking forward to the winter olympics and so are my girls!