Tuesday, November 17, 2009

thrifty shopping

i'm not usually one to shop at thrift stores. it's not because i'm against them, used items, or anything like that. i just don't go very often. and usually, when i do go, i find nothing but junk and come out feeling like i need to take a shower in bleach! well, today i ventured into the little thrift store in town (it's disgusting but i thought, why not try it again). i'm glad i did because i got two things - one i'd been needing and the other just for fun. molly has been in need of a booster seat for our kitchen table. we don't use that table except for coloring with markers, painting, and play-doh so her booster/highchair is hooked to our dining room chair. molly usually sits on a pile of old sheets and blankets or stands in the chair. not safe, i know but i'm always right there. molly found it actually and sat down in it. she was thrilled to find a little chair. it looked clean enough and didn't have stains or cracks and was only $2. then i spotted the playschool busy ball toy that has a fan that blows the balls up a tube and they travel back down. molly's loved this toy in the past when we've been at friends' houses that have it and so i asked how much. they told me $.99! i said i'll take it! even if it didn't work with new batteries i wasn't going to lose any money. got it home, cleaned up and it works like a charm. the only thing wrong is that it is missing 2 of the 5 balls. oh well, 3 work great! while i was at wal-mart this afternoon i checked the price. currently, brand new it's on sale for $17 but usually sells for $24.97 and i got it for $.99! i know molly will soon not be interested in it at all but our new little one will get lots of use out of it.
so maybe i'll frequent the thrift stores a little more often. who knows when i'll get another great steal!

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