Sunday, February 14, 2010

quite the little mother

molly loves playing with her dolls. she loves changing their diapers (usually they poop!) and picking out new clothes for them. recently she received a changing table and this makes playing with the dolls all the better. these dolls have multiple diaper changes - one right after the other because they're constantly doing an "i" (sorry alex!). she enjoys wiping them and then attempting to put a new diaper on. i'm going to have to watch sophie extra close or she's not going to have a diaper on and constantly be wiped!

in this video, you'll see molly with her doll on the changing pad. this time, the diaper doesn't go on all the way and she's whisked off to bed. complete with a kiss and a hug, the girl is ready to sleep. i'm refering to her as "the girl" because as of now, that's her name! she has girls and boys and one doll named sophie (this is the one that gets changed the most!)

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