Tuesday, May 11, 2010

he's a sucker!

matt is a sucker when it comes to molly. basically she's got him wrapped around his finger and he just melts when she asks him something or does something cute. i love that they have a close relationship - i think it's important for a father to have a close relationship with his children. matt took molly to wal-mart several weeks ago to get a few things and whenever they go together they make sure to stop off at the toy aisles and look around. molly loves trains and thomas the tank engine and matt had been eyeing the little thomas train set that runs on batteries. so he surprised her and bought it. when they got home, he had me set it all up while he kept molly outside and when she walked in, thomas was chugging around the living room!

a couple weeks ago, matt decided (at 8:30 at night) that molly needed more cars and tracks to add to her train set. so, off we went to get more things to add to thomas. when we got home and it was set up, i then realized that this train set is not just for molly but for matt. he's fascinated with the train going around in a circle and loves making the track go different directions. such a kid at heart - i love it! molly does enjoy the larger track as well, and the fact that thomas is now pulling cargo. we got the farm set and she has fun putting her animals out around the track and then periodically stopping the train to give them hay to eat or milk to drink. she sets all her people up around the train to watch also.

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