Saturday, July 24, 2010

out on the town

last friday (july 16th) matt and i celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary. we hadn't been out alone in a very long time - we really couldn't remember the last time. we weren't even alone on our anniversary last year because we had dinner with friends who share our anniversary. a great time though!

so the girls were dropped off at the grandparents' house. i was proud of myself for doing so well leaving sophie. she's a momma's girl and a bit finicky with a bottle so i was a little nervous. plus, i'd never left her for more than 30-45 minutes. she did great and had lots of fun playing with grandpa! molly enjoyed her one-on-one time with grandma.

meanwhile, matt and i were off to eat at fogo de chao on the plaza. it was a brazilian steakhouse that we were excited to try. before we even made it to the restaurant matt managed to do his first burn out in a mini van, jump a curb and almost hit a man carrying a little boy - the craziness of driving on the plaza and looking for a place to park. we finally found a spot a few blocks away on a side street. next time we'll just go straight for the side street!

once in the restaurant we were seated and explained how our dining experience would go. it started with a salad bar (huge by the way) and then when we were ready, we flipped a circular card and waiters with huge skewers of meat flocked to us. this restaurant is a vegetarians worst nightmare and a carnivores little piece of heaven on earth! there were about 15 cuts of meat to try (we didn't get to all of them). we leaned quickly that you must flip your card over to red when you don't want anymore meat. matt hadn't flipped his yet, saw three men coming and quickly flipped. they did an about face and searched for their next green-circled diner. it was hilarious!

hilarious kind of describes the dining experience (well, that and delicious!). whenever matt and i go to fancy restaurants we always laugh a lot. everything seems funny - from the weight of the silverware to understanding the menu. we think it's because we're not very fancy people and so when we try to be things get funny! matt said it's just a good thing we don't find applebees or chili's this funny!

after dinner we went to coldstone creamery. yum, yum, yum!! we'd never been there either and so were a bit confused on what to do there as well. the workers were getting a bit impatient with us and started singing a song while we were trying to decide! we walked out of there laughing too!

we ate our ice cream while riding around the plaza in a cinderella carriage. the night was beautiful and perfect for a carriage ride. what a wonderful way to celebrate 5 years of commitment to each other.

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