Sunday, November 28, 2010


thanksgiving night my brother alex came over so he and matt could try and get some odd jobs blowing leaves out of peoples gutters (it didn't work - they had one customer!). molly thought alex was over for a sleepover and in a way he was because he had to sleep on the floor in her room so i could have the couch for all of sophie's middle-of-the-night feedings and wake-ups. when he got here, molly told him he didn't have pajamas on and he showed her he'd be sleeping in his shorts that were under his sweatpants. a few minutes later, molly came out of her room with a pair of sleep shorts on under her sweats! she's so cute! ;) about 10 or so we started setting up molly's room for the sleepover. molly insisted on sleeping on the floor with alex so we made a little bed up for her.
molly would not go to bed that night - she said she had to wait for alex because dora and boots went to bed at the same time when they had their sleepover. so finally, about 10:50, i had alex go lay down and pretend to go to bed so molly would. she finally fell asleep a little after 11. she had alex rub her back and listen to a tape called bless my little girl.

she had so much fun and asked alex to come over and have a sleepover again!

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