Sunday, June 12, 2011

fun with cousin brynnlea

molly's cousin brynnlea lives a couple hours away and so they don't get a chance to interact much. last night, however, my parents brought brynnlea over to play with molly. she was thrilled to hear she was coming and as soon as we got home from our birthday party, she started crafting pictures for brynnlea. the first was a picture using some of the princess stickers she got at the party, then a card with a picture of sleeping beauty,and finally a picture of ariel. coloring just wasn't enough so we decorated the tail with bits of tissue paper. of course, it all had to be wrapped in a gift bag with wrapping paper. she met brynnlea at the door with it.

we ate pizza then went outside to play. the girls had so much fun in the sandbox, play house, and blowing bubbles.


we capped the evening off with brownies and ice cream. molly wasn't ready for brynnlea to leave, and brynnlea wasn't ready to leave either. i'm so glad these girls are close in age and hoping they'll be good friends as they grow up!

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