Sunday, September 4, 2011

settling into a new church

matt and i haven't been church hunting for 6 years, but since we've moved we had to find a new church closer to our home. i miss my grace bible church family every week (we've only been gone 2 weeks, but still). i miss the familiar faces, the kind brothers and sisters in Christ who have done so much for our family (especially these past 2 months), sitting under my dad's teaching in sunday school (let's face it, no one will ever compare to my dad), my sweet friends and their kids who were so close to mine, and so much more. however, we found a church we like here in parkville - northwest bible church. i was excited when we looked at the house back in june that their was a bible church. finding a solid bible teaching church can be tough these days but this one fits the mold i was looking for. we've attended two sundays and have really enjoyed the teaching and the people. molly seems to enjoy junior church and has met a little friend. sophie has adjusted well in the nursery also (only screaming a little when i drop her off). the church is in need of teachers for junior church so i approached the pastor today to find out what the stipulations were to teach. he said i didn't need to be a member because he knew my background and the beliefs from the church i came from were in agreement with theirs. i get to shadow next week and will then be put into the rotation. i'm excited to see how God is going to use me in this new church matt is looking at getting involved in a construction group where they go fix up houses for calvary bible college students. praise the Lord we found a solid bible teaching church that proclaims the message of Christ and believes the bible is truth.


  1. Amber! You have a blog! How wonderful :) You'll enjoy this creative outlet. It saved me during nap times when I had to be quiet ;o) I'm so happy you guys are settling in to your new home. All the best to you all :)

  2. That's wonderful that you guys are getting settled into a new church and that God has already opened up the opportunity for you and Matt to be involved in ministry! It does seem strange to not see you guys in Sunday school, but I know God has great things in store for you :)