Sunday, December 27, 2009

it all happens too fast!

such a big girl but she looks so little in the bed!

it's hard for me to believe my little girl is sleeping in a twin bed tonight! i've been anticipating this day because i want her good and use to it by the time little sophie arrives however, it's a sad thing too - she's growing up too fast!

i remember almost 21 months ago bringing her home from the hospital. she slept in my arms almost the entire first month because she cried every time i laid her in her bed. then we found out she had reflux and so she began sleeping in her car seat in our room. then, we hit about month 4 and her reflux decreased immensely and she was in her bed. however, we held her to go to sleep. poor habit? maybe, but it worked for us and she falls asleep on her own without any problems now.

just over a year old, molly went to a babysitter for the first time during the day. i was terrified and worried she wouldn't fall asleep laying in a bed by herself. but, she did and that was all it took. we held her for a few weeks after starting at the babysitter to get her to sleep at night, then tried putting her in bed on her own. i remember how hard it was not to hold her to go to sleep but knew it was time she make the transition.

tonight was much the same. i took molly into her big bed and she wanted me to lay down with her. i did for a bit and ran my fingers over her cheeks. we talked about her dinosaur pj's needing to be washed and dried and then she could wear them again, and then about going to sleep. i got up and left - not at all what she was wanting because i knew better than to start the habit of laying in bed with her until she falls asleep. better to do it right from the start because in less than 3 months, i won't be able to. molly did fine. she cried for 5 minutes and was out!

i'm convinced i won't sleep well tonight. i'll wake up and want to make sure she's okay. has she fallen out? is she close to falling out? is the pillow going to suffocate her? she's never used a pillow before but we told her that was part of having a big bed. it's flat so i don't think i need to worry. nonetheless, i'm a mom and therefore i worry! i'll let you know how the next few nights go. i'm hoping as smoothly as tonight!

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