Saturday, December 19, 2009

variety is the spice of life

being a stay-at-home mom i play the same "games" with molly's toys over and over again. while this is fine, i do tire of them and wish for some variety. this is one reason i'm particularly excited about christmas this year - new toys = new games! good for molly, better for mommy! :o)

yesterday we had christmas with matt's family and molly received a shopping cart. she absolutely loves it, and so i do i! there's lots of different things we can do with it and it will pair nicely with the kitchen she's getting on christmas morning allowing for more extension of play!

so far, this is molly's shopping experience:
the groceries are on the bookshelf!

putting them in her cart!

pushing the cart ot the check out!

scanning the items!

putting them in the bag!

then she pays for them with her play money but i couldn't capture a picture of this (she was done with me taking pictures!). i love this because molly is learning to count so i make everythign worth $2 or $3 and she hands me either 2 bills or 3. sometimes this works, sometimes it doesn't. i think she's figured out what i'm trying to do and doesn't want to do it! every opportunity can be a teaching moment!

finally, the bag goes in the cart and her baby gets a sucker (just like she does at price chopper)!

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