Friday, April 2, 2010

my little girl

molly turned 2 today! it's hard to believe she's been in our lives for 2 years. time has flown by! at this time two years ago, i was laying in a hospital bed dilated to a 9. the nurses were telling me i'd have a baby by 6 p.m. little did i know that at 9:30ish, i'd be wheeled in for a c-section. molly was stubborn and determined to have things her way from the get-go! she decided not to turn completely and had her feet wedged under my ribcage, thus preventing natural birth among other circumstances such as a drop in heart rate and fever for me while pushing. she wanted to come out the easy way! (i didn't mind so much either!) i remember the feeling of them taking her out of me - a big push on the abdomen and i hear, "it's a girl!" such a joyous feeling - and surprise because so many were convinced i was having a boy!

the easy way is one way to describe molly. she likes things to be easy and go her way. for instance, she wouldn't nurse. why? she had to work at it...molly likes instant gratification! she's very much a "now" girl. which is okay (sometimes), but makes it difficult when learning patience! :)

now don't get me wrong - just because molly likes things the easy way doesn't mean she's lazy and unmotivated. she's very smart and loves a new challenge. it amazes me how much she has learned in two years time. sometimes it's scary how much she knows, remembers, retains, and picks up on. matt and i have to be careful of our conversations because she picks up on so much and doesn't forget anything! here's a short list of what molly can do at the age of 2:

* talk up a storm and is putting 2-3 words together consistently
* count to 10
* recognize letters m, o, l, y, a, t, and sometimes p, b, and c
* spell her name
* jump
* read books from memory
* sing several songs
* write the letter 0, l, and sometimes m
* reel in a fishing pole (and kind of cast one)
* so much more but i won't name them all

molly has become so independent as she's gotten older and wants to do things herself - even things she can't do. we constantly hear "self" when trying to help molly. i guess you could say she takes after me...independent. oh, and stubborn. molly's stubborn and strong-willed, just like i was. you know, parents always say that you get a taste of your own medicine when you become a parent yourself. mine were right! i wouldn't change it for the world though - she wouldn't be molly if she were any different!

i am truly blessed to have such a wonderful daughter. i thank God for her and look forward to the many years ahead.

molly the day after she was born

one year ago today on her 1st birthday

and at 2!

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  1. Happy Birthday Molly!!! I can't believe how big you are. I feel like you were just born!