Wednesday, January 5, 2011


i feel as if christmas was a month ago and it's only been two weeks. i had big plans to blog about christmas as it was lots of fun this year. sophie's first, and molly really got in to it. instead, here's just a short version of the highlights....
christmas was very relaxing. we spent christmas eve at home lounging on the living room floor watching miracle on 34th street and playing with the girls. christmas day we were at home until 5:45 that evening. my parents and brother and sister came for lunch so molly and sophie would be able to nap that day. and they did - 2 whole hours, both of them! matt and i had some much needed alone time! then we went to my parents and celebrated with the family.
santa came and brought molly her cinderella dress and glass slippers. molly was amazed when the milk and cookies were gone from the plate christmas morning! she asked if santa would come back next year.
sophie got a basketball goal. i think i was more excited about this than her, but hey, i've got to start training her young! she was excited about the balls that came with the goal and loves to make baskets. my favorite gift the girls received, however, came from my parents. they bought them a personalized cd with songs that have their names in them. molly's is called a princess tea party. she loves it. it starts out with belle asking if she'll help prepare a princess tea. "a perfect princess tea, for molly and me...". sophie's is a jesus loves me one and so sweet. "just like the stars that twinkle in the night, sophie, your precious in God's sight..." then later on it quotes john 3:16 with sophie's name.
christmas was fabulous and a great way to finish out a great year. oh, and probably the best christmas present i received was a positive pregnancy test on december 2nd!

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