Sunday, February 12, 2012

what's for lunch?

in case any of you are wondering why i always post a big meal for lunch, it's because of matt's work schedule. since he works during the evening hours, we eat our big family meal at noon. thus, the "lunch" foods at dinner time. :)  oh, and on a side note, i watched food inc. on netflix (very informative). it made me contemplate buying organic food. however, i pretty much believe the organic stuff is about the do they really know it wasn't grown with pesticides, and then when i look at regulations, it says that some are not free of pesticides. so really, is it that much different? meat would be about the only exception. that i may try to do more of. as i was grocery shopping yesterday, i thought i'd buy some organic cauliflower since it was only $1 more. but, it was already browning and would have needed to be cooked that day. i'm not buying something that's already showing signs of going bad. so back to the non organic section i went and bought two beautiful heads of cauliflower.  off my soapbox and onto the menu....


b: cereal
l: eggs, pancakes
d: broccoli cauliflower avacado soup (this was pretty good...light and healthy)


b: cereal
l: turkey chili/cinnamon rolls
d: pb/honey, yogurt, cucumbers, oranges


b: cereal
l: tortilla soup
d: tacos and burritos


b: cereal
l: super food salad with shrimp
d: quesadillas wtih cheese and turkey pepperoni, apple slices, carrots


b: cereal
l: grilled stuffed chicken and black bean burritos
d: pb/honey, broccoli, apple slices


b: cereal
l: parmesan chicken, sweet potatoes, green beans
d: eggs, toast, yogurt


b: cereal
l: sausage and saurkrat (hotdogs for the girls), mac and cheese, veggie
d: oatmeal with mixed berries

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