Wednesday, March 28, 2012

just a menu for now but there's lots more to come!

i've been forgetting to blog about what we've been eating each week. we are eating. just so you know! :) and, i know my dad's been missing out reading about all my "strange" recipes that i make my girls eat. hey, i like to try new things. i'm looking forward to his comments this week. i bet after reading you'll be able to guess the meal he'll comment on the most. :)

b: cereal
l: black bean and mango tostadas
d: freezer burritos

b: cereal
l: sausage and kraut
d: bbq chicken drumsticks, roasted green beans, chips

b: cereal
l: guacamole grilled cheese sandwiches, chips, grapes
d: rotisserie chicken, baked potato, veggies

b: cereal
l: shrimp, tomato, spinach alfredo pizza
d: pbj, honey carrots

b: cereal
l: hamburgers, tator tots, carrots, grapes (molly's choice)
d: at the folks

b: cereal
l: pitas with hummus, chicken, and various veggies, parfaits
d: broccoli cheese omlets, toast, fruit

did you figure it out? my guess is the black bean and mango tostadas. we'll see! love you, dad!

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