Wednesday, June 20, 2012

pool time fun!

we have a fabulous pool in our subdivision that we visit almost daily for an hour or two. the girls have turned into little pool rats and always ask to go. after molly's initial fear of the water and plunging in and swimming underwater again and solving sophie's burning eyes from sunscreen. fortunately the stick is working.

 this little floating turtle has been a favorite in the pool this summer and perfect for sophie because she feels like she's swimming. she picks her feet up and starts kicking away. it is also a favorite with other kids at the pool.

here's molly plunging in and swimming underwater. she's doing so well holding her breath and seems to be able to do it longer each day. tonight she figured out how to swim on her back! now if we could just get her brave enough to take swim lessons...she's petrified of the big pool.

jumping in is on of molly's favorite things to do. she pretends to dive by jumping in and then swimming underwater quickly. 
 swimming is so much fun but tiring too. because of molly's gymnastics on mondays we can't swim that day. we tried one week and she was so sluggish and tired. this monday we had a little swimming fun on the deck with our little people and polly pockets. the girls thought this was lots of fun

molly gave her people a lot of swimming lessons and both girls enjoyed dropping the people from way up high saying they were going off the high dive.

of course, there was also the opportunity for the girls to get a little wet!
we also constructed a pool out of our wooden blocks in the basement for the girls to play with complete with a slide and diving board and also lily pads (remembering our paola pool). the girls had a lot of fun letting their dolls go swimming, jump off the diving board and slide down the slide. our giant strawberry shortcake served as the lifeguard for our pool.

we also have a fun strawberry shortcake pool toy that we've played with quite a bit. lots of pool time fun. i think our next pool fun activity will be a playdough pool or ocean or both. i haven't decided yet.

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