Saturday, August 11, 2012

summer olympics 2012

the olympics have been so enjoyable over the past two weeks. molly cried today when i told her they would be over tomorrow and she would have to wait until she was 8 for the summer olympics to be back on. we've watched more t.v. and had it on in the background these past two weeks then i think we do in two months! so worth it though. molly is a big USA supporter and loved watching to see how many points we had or if we were number one. she finally figured out that we live in the united states (after asking a billion times when i'd tell her the united states athlete was performing).

gymnastics (of course) was probably the favorite sport around our house. molly hasn't stopped flipping. not that she really had before the olympics but it seems more prominent now. the girl constantly has to be flipping off the couch, standing on her head, doing somersaults and cartwheels. lifting a leg in the air, etc. she's even trying to perfect cartwheeling off her balance beam and asked me if she would need to use chalk on her hands during gymnastics class. i assured her it wasn't necessary just quite yet. sophie's quite the little somersaulter as well and is looking foward to turning 3 so she can take gymnastics too! oh, molly will be in the olympics so she says. look for her in 2024!

swimming and diving were also fun to watch. molly perfected the backstroke at our pool and tried out synchronized jumping with another little girl. she'll be a multi sport olympian! sophie in the mean time is attempting to swim underwater and is convinced she is when she holds her breath and puts her mouth in the water and walks in the pool. it is the cutest thing ever. i need to remember a camera next we go so i can capture this achievement!

sophie enjoyed horse jumping and they both tried their hand at rhythmic gymnastics with a large ribbon we have. molly learned a little about volleyball and liked watching the girls dive on the ground to hit the ball.

we did a few fun/learning based activities to go along with the olympics as well. here they are.

painting the olympic rings with homemade puffy paint. i found it on pinterest at this site:  it's kinda puffy when you microwave but didn't look at good as the example. still fun and the girls loved it. don't over cook - it will burn!

 molly took great care in making her rings. she's my little perfectionist when it comes to art!   
 sophie's final product! hard to see the puff but it did work a little!
 molly's final product! notice the burn mark. paint was a little thin in this area. the thicker the better and the more puff!
 here the girls are working on some educational activities. this learning pack came from sophie is making a color book. she had to look at the colored word, then color the ring to match.
 molly is working on pictures of her favorite events. then she wrote the name of the event and i wrote down why she liked the event.
 counting practice
 more counting practice.
sophie did a matching puzzle game with different girls playing different sports in the olympics.

molly worked on a puzzle of the olympic rings and medals.
 sophie's finished work!
molly's olympic drawings.

it was a fun olympic year. i'm looking forward to the winter olympics and so are my girls!

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