Thursday, May 28, 2015

Pinterest mess yet success

I found the idea for banana pops on Pinterest this morning and decided to give it a go during Miles' nap. I'm so glad I excluded him from this activity because it didn't go as so nicely described in the blog.

Here they are, almost gone (don't mind the dinner dishes on the table). They were yummy but a pain to make. I used vanilla greek yogurt and straws instead of cake pop sticks. The biggest problem was the bananas fell off the straws as soon as they were dipped in the yogurt. I don't see how cake pop straws would have been any better but maybe they would have. So now there's a banana in the yogurt. The banana was put back on the straw and then I had to sprinkle the sprinkles instead of dipping. I was hoping the girls would be able to do it alone but not this time. Next time I will freeze the bananas for a bit to see if they stay on the straw. Or maybe I'll splurge and by cake pop sticks. 
The girls thought they tasted like popsicles .

Miles preferred to just eat the sprinkles. 

I will make them again. Fun snack that just needs some tweaking. :)

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