Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Kid's Day

Back at the beginning of May, sometime before Mother's Day, Molly decided that since there is a day to celebrate mothers and fathers there should be a day to celebrate kids. She chose a random day of July 22nd. She hasn't forgotten this day and once July hit she's been anticipating the 22nd. Well the day is here. She expected to not have to do any work, be in charge, choose dinner, and have dessert. 

We celebrated the first Kid's Day by going to kaleidoscope and eating lunch at Fritz's. The kids did have to work (of course I reminded them that I still work on Mother's Day and Matt works on Father's Day). They chose hot ham and cheese sandwiches with chips for lunch and ice cream for dessert. Matt made them a card. When I prayed at dinner I made sure to thank God for them (Molly was thrilled with this gesture).

I hope the day was all it was supposed to be. 






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