Thursday, July 16, 2009

my amazing hubby

today matt and i celebrated four wonderful years of marriage. it's hard to believe it's already been four years, yet in some sense, it's easy to see. we've gone from renting to home ownership to now, selling our home. we've been blessed with a wonderful, beautiful daughter who constantly brings us joy and keeps us on our toes. we've traveled a few places and had a lot of fun together.

when i set out looking for a husband, i knew i wanted to find one that would love me for who i was and am and most importantly, love God. i found him. who else, but my dear matt would want me to be as comfortable as possible and wear basketball shorts and t-shirt anytime i pleased. my dad always told me i might have to put on a dress and get a little more girly to find the right guy...nope, i wasn't going to do it. somehow i knew God would provide the man for me that would accept me basketball shorts and all!

matt is an amazing husband. he's willing to do anything for me shows he cares in the little things. for example, while i cook dinner he takes molly outside to play so i'm not interrupted. this is a huge relief since she likes to be a "big helper". matt keeps things fun and interesting with a weird dance or imitation. he's always making me laugh! :) when we had molly we were in a position where we didn't want to send her to a sitter and his job was in limbo so he quit and was a stay-at-home dad for almost 9 months. this was a great eye opener for him and now he understands that being a stay-at-home parent is a full time job and appreciates me even more! i loved that he stayed home with molly. they have a great bond and it saved both of us the stress of a babysitter. now, he's back at work, making an hour and fifteen minute drive both ways, so i can stay at home and take care of molly. his sacrifice to make the drive so we can survive on only one income means so much to me as i only desired to be at home.

there's so much more i could say but i'll save it for later. so with four years behind us, who knows what the future holds but one thing i know, there's many more to come!! i love you honey! ;)

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