Tuesday, July 14, 2009

summer happenings

summer is a great time to try new things and have all sorts of fun. molly's at a great age to do this also. i'm a big fan of experimenting with things that may not be age appropriate according to package directions such as play dough. molly was going through a box with some of my school things and found play dough. i was curious to see how she would respond to the texture and such and well, she loved it! we play with it daily (all four colors at once) and make bracelets and blocks, dinosaurs and pigs. she loves to put it in and out of the containers and squish her hands in it. occasionally she goes for a small taste and rediscovers that she does not like it!

in one of my latter posts i wrote about molly's need for a swimming pool and my desire to get her the one with the whale slide. she got it! daddy gave in with a little prodding from me of course. but molly does love her pool. she swims a lot, well, i should say she squats a lot. this girl's going to have incredible leg muscles because she doesn't really like to sit in the pool. she has 2 ducks, a whale and a cup to play with along with the slide. it's great fun to watch the ducks and whale slide down the slide too! at first she was a little hesitant of the slide, but now, she's an old pro and loves splashing in the water. we also take molly to the public pool in our town. it's free at 7:30 which is a huge perk for us and 30 minutes is a great amount of time for molly. the pool is fantastic with zero depth entry 2 large water fountains plus two smaller ones and a frog slide. we bought her some sinking squids to play with and she loves them. they slide down the frog's tongue first and then she follows after. i'm going to miss the pool when it closes.

(frog slide at public pool)

among swimming and play dough, molly loves going to the library. story time for toddlers has ended but i still take her weekly to check out books. she finished the summer reading program by reading 746 pages. we turned in her log on saturday and she received a number of prizes. she picked out a book dinosaur train, a toy train, and got a certificate, free personal pan pizza, free drink at the cider mill and gets to attend the pool party on july 31st. we went and used her free pizza coupon today and she thoroughly enjoyed it.

the moms club is something else i've been getting involved in because i think it's important for molly to have social interaction with kids her own age. she's been to the park to play with kids, in fact, we're going tomorrow, and starting in august there's a weekly play date for babies 18 months and under that she will attend.

painting, coloring with markers, and stickers are another favorite. molly's very artsy and loves to paint with water. she's a regular picasso! stickers are a newly discovered fun thing. fortunately i saved all my stickers from teaching because i knew they'd come in handy. i'm thinking i'm going to run out sooner than expected. this girl loves stickers and will use at least 10 a day.

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