Thursday, August 6, 2009

summers not over yet...

as i read various facebook posts from friends and think about this time of year summer usually is coming to an end because it's the start of a new school year. i'm excited this year because my summer does not end sunday night when i go to bed. i'll wake up monday morning and it will be a normal summer day as it's been all summer long. why? because i don't have to go back to work! it's such a blessing and relief to be able to stay home with molly. leaving her last year to work was so tough. thankfully she was with daddy most of the nine months. so while many are preparing to start teaching and sit in meetings (what i won't miss at all!) i'll be making finger paints and taking molly swimming in the back yard.

we haven't been swimming much lately. thanks to this so called global warming and the wonderful weather we've had in july swimming just wasn't in the books a whole lot and so the pool got nasty, especially after the rains. the heat is back and so tonight molly and i cleaned up the pool, reinflated it and it's ready to fill tomorrow morning. i would have done it tonight but i think there's a chance of rain. it's covered so hopefully it will stay clean.

since i haven't updated in awhile here's a glimpse of what's been going on:

wonderscope - wonderscope is an amazing place to take kids (14-15 months and up). it's an old school converted into this neat little place for kids to explore, discover, and just be kids. they have an art room, water room, grocery room with cute little carts that are the perfect size for little ones, a racing room, and so much more. molly had so much fun. i plan to take her again in september or october.

molly shopping with cousin emily

we took molly to the miami county fair to look at the animals. she loved seeing the animals and petted a cow, some pigs, sheep, and a goat. she shared her first funnel cake with mom and dad and loved it, but really only wanted the pieces with lots of powdered sugar! she was too little for the rides so she did the duck pond. that was fun but a bit overwhelming as she didn't know which duck to pick up because there were so many. her prize, a cheap plastic trumpet that makes an awful noise. molly loves it!

as most of you know molly was involved in the summer reading program at the library. she met her goal and earned her ticket to the summer pool party. this was held on a very chilly night (it was like 70 degrees) but we went anyway (mostly because i didn't want her to miss out and i wanted pictures). she had a great time - shivered through most of it but never wanted to leave. we stayed for about 35 minutes and after her lips were purple and her arms were sticking straight out, fist clenched we made her get out. she had some lemonade and warmed up in her towel before going home. her friend brock was there who she calls "ba".

most recently i took molly to kaleidoscope at crown center. she had a blast there too. she's quite the artist and loves to color and paint. she kept me moving all around the place and tried to get away numerous times. molly made many art projects and they are proudly displayed on a bulletin board in her room. she loves to admire her work!

molly also has a fasination with trains so we went and ate at fritz's after kaleidoscope. fritz's is a train restaurant and your food is delivered on a little train. it's such a neat place to eat. molly loved watching the trains go around as she was eating and paused often to give a good "choo choo"!

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