Friday, June 26, 2009

cookin' up a tantrum

cooking dinner is never usually a pleasant experience because molly hates me being in the kitchen without her. i'd let her in (and i do sometimes) but she plays in the cats food. that's expensive stuff so we can't afford 20 pieces being dropped in the water or crushed by feet each day. lately, it's been much easier because i've been preparing meals before matt leaves for work. today, however, i needed to cook before we ate.
i was cooking bacon and left molly in the living room so i could go and flip it. this is where the screaming began. molly proceeded to get off the couch and lay on the floor and scream. we i came back into the living room she refused to get up and come over to me. since i knew she wasn't hurt, just mad, i let her have her fit thinking it would stop shortly because i was in the room. it finally did, and then i had to go back to the kitchen. i took molly with me this time and set her down on the kitchen floor. she threw herself on the floor and cried, cried, and cried; screaming every-now-and-again. i was at my wits-end. what are you to do? i punished, it didn't work, punished again and she continued to cry. so i left her. here's what it looked like....

i'm really not a mean mom. i never yelled during this fit but just let her cry it out. once dinner was done, she got up and the crying stopped. what am i to do during this time? do i just have to wait it out and hope it's a phase? molly is a huge mama's girl and when i'm around she expects to have 100% of my attention. i feel like we've entered the terrible twos at 14 months! any advice from any of you who've dealt with an issue similar to this? it breaks my heart to see my baby cry like this.
i've yet to try my grandma's trick but am thinking i'll have to soon if it keeps up. my uncle used to have temper tantrums and so she asked the pediatrician what to do. he said take a glass of tap water and throw it in their face. it won't hurt them. she did it to my uncle and he never threw a tantrum again! will it work on molly? not sure...i think it will make it worse but i just may have to try granny's advice. she tells every new mom to do it.

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  1. I usually try to ignore once they are this angry. It's really hard, but you can do it. When they are about 18-19 mths old, i start putting them in timeout in their crib. Tell them when they are calm, they can come back out. I just go in every minute or so, to let them know that i'm there, and they can come out when they are ready. However, before it gets to be quite this terrible of a tantrum, and i'm thinking, i try and distract with another activity, "oh, look, I see a bunny outside. can you find the bunny?? oh, she's hoppin' away! where's she going?? do you think she has any babies at home?" you get the idea. Anyway, the distraction worked with lily, but not so much with drew. However, he throw far fewer tantrums, so he's really focused on what he wants!! I hope this helps. I know this is a really long answer, but I just thought i would share my experience. good luck!! ~taylor