Monday, January 4, 2010

bed success!

molly's been in her big girl bed for just over a week now and has done great! i was dreading this transition actually, fearing she wouldn't take a nap because she has access to all her toys and that there would be lots of crying and getting up and down at night. i can count on one hand the number of times molly's gotten out of bed once she's been laid down! and even then, all it took was one time of putting her back in bed and she stayed! i guess i'm lucky! ;) she really does love her new bed and room and refers to her old room as sophie's - maybe the transition of bring sophie home won't be so hard either! she's named one of her dolls sophie and was taking her for a walk today. molly's favorite things about her new room are of course that it is pink, she gets to turn her nightlight on and off, and making her bed. she plays while i do this, but gets excited every morning when we do it! we'll see how long that sticks around for....

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