Sunday, January 31, 2010

yep, i'm still a teacher!

just a couple days ago it was kansas day. as a teacher, i always taught a kansas unit during social studies complete with different activities and fun projects. this year, even though i wasn't in the classroom, was no exception! i think it's just ingrained in me....what am i going to do if we move to missouri? missouri day sounds so wierd!

molly and i didn't do much, but i thought it was a good time to teach her where she lived and a few things about kansas. we painted a sunflower, went to the kansas day expo in town, and made a kansas book with the different symbols from kansas. she had a blast doing this and yes, learned a bit too! molly can look through the pages of the book and tell you that the turtle is a box turtle (i skipped the ornate for now!) and that the bee is a honey bee and the flower is a sunflower. she can also tell you that she lives in kansas and point to where i wrote "paola" on the map. i suppose the best though, is that she is a true kansan, and can point out the jayhawk. not just any jayhawk, but the ku jayhawk! i tried printing the state of kansas jayhawk symbol but that would not do - it wasn' t a jayhawk. however, when i printed the ku jayhawk, it was! rock chalk molly!

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