Wednesday, January 27, 2010

rinsing dishes - great fun!

our dishwasher bit the big one yesterday. actually, we think it's been coming on for quite a while now. the dishes simply weren't looking the cleanest - it appeared that the soap wasn't rinsing off. i blamed it on cheap soap and bought some name brand but that didn't fix it. last night i noticed that there was water standing in the bottom - a good 25 cups worth! matt checked it out and it doesn't appear to be clogged. so anyway, we are back to the old fashioned way of washing dishes. turns out, molly loves it and get so excited! molly's job is to rinse the soap off. she does so well too -being careful to turn the dish over and get all sides. who knows, we may save a bit on electricity until we get a new one, but i think we'll make up for it in the water department. molly isn't the quickest but nonetheless, she enjoys it thoroughly! (and i'm thankful for the help and joy in her - it makes the task much more pleasant!)

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