Tuesday, June 8, 2010

curse of the curl

my girls have the curse of the curl! i was hoping they wouldn't take after me and have curly hair. it's so much work and unpredictable. straight would be so much better i think! when it's humid, the fro begins. when it rains, it curls and then gets frizzy. in order to control the curls i must load my hair down with mousse and hairspray and even then it's so poofy that it ends up in a ponytail. so far molly's curls are cute and tame. as long as they stay tame, all will be well. however, if she inherits my thick hair trouble could be looming for her!
i've always had a suspicion that sophie's hair would be curly because it stuck up from the day she was born. now that it's grown a bit it lays down nicely for the most part (i do miss her little spiked look though!). we went out to let molly play in the rain tonight. sophie and i stayed dry on the porch, however the humidity got the best of her and she had little curls on the end. i'm thinking she may have more curl than molly but it's hard to tell right now. the pictures don't really show the curls. i tried but her hair isn't very photogenic!

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