Friday, August 14, 2009

daddy time

molly loves her daddy time. in fact, when she doesn't get it she turns into a big grump. take for example yesterday. she was great all day for me - matt woke up, played with her for about an hour and then had to go to work - then the grumpiness hit! she was a full fledged monster at, matt did not go into work early and she was a happy-go-lucky little girl. molly absolutely adores matt and when he is awake and home she always wants him to be on the floor playing with her. she takes him by the hand and directs him in what to do and where to go. matt bought a bike trailer to take her on rides in the evening. this has proved to be lots of fun for molly. they go to the park or to the square several times a week to play. i like that they have a special bonding time away from me...i think it's important! (not to mention i get a break!)
thank goodness for daddy! i'm so lucky to have a husband who sees the importance of playing with his daughter and giving her attention and showing her that he loves her. i know he's developing a life-long habit that will only foster his relationship with molly and the rest of our future children!

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