Sunday, August 16, 2009

the making of a chatter box

for the longest time i didn't think molly would ever talk. i never worried about her hearing or her intellectual ability because she understood everything we told her but there were no words. then one day she said "no" and then "dog" and finally, not until june did she say "ma ma" and "da da". since then she's gaining quite the vocabulary and i'm so excited about it. i love hearing her talk and try out new words. she surprises me too - some words i work on but others she's just said. matt and i joke that she has a bit of a french accent when saying words like chair, shoe, and turn. they all sound the same at times but she puts this funny little accent on them that makes us laugh.

molly's vocabulary includes the following (in no particular order): no, dog, kitty, ma ma, da da, pa (grandpa), ma (grandma), i (alex), na na (anna), drive, shoe, sock, shirt, chair, turn, house, moo, baa, oink, cheese, hi, baby (although it doesn't sound at all like baby - but she's consistent), cock-a-doodle-doo (this is really funny!), ice, bath, hat, hot, swing, duck, big, and horse. there may be more and i just can't think of them right off the bat.

molly's well on her way to becoming a chatter box and i can't wait! i think it's adorable when kids talk a lot - maybe i won't be saying this when i have to live with all the time but i think i will...

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