Sunday, August 23, 2009

an important discovery and a song

molly made quite the discovery tonight - daddy has leg, foot and toe hair and mommy does not. she was so intrigued looking at matt's feet. i can't believe she hadn't noticed before tonight. she kept pulling on it then coming over to me and looking and then we'd ask if she had hair on her toes, feet, and legs. all came with her little "nooo". she went back and forth for sometime before moving on to other things.

molly also sang her first song - rock-a-bye baby. it's the cutest thing. it sounds more like ock a baby. (that's all she sings) she sings while rocking her babies. i tried to video but of course she wouldn't perform. i'll keep trying and eventually you all will be able to hear the sweet serenade to her little babies. however, another good thing came from this - she now says baby and it sounds like baby. for the longest time she made some random noise but was always consistent when talking about or saying baby. now it's the real thing!

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