Friday, August 28, 2009

move on over, it's my turn!

molly is addicted to massages. i know there's all sorts of research about baby massages and while she got them as a baby i don't think it was a frequent as it is now. it's definitely a great relaxation technique! you can't even mention the word without her expecting one! here's a few examples. last night matt was telling me that he would give me a back massage after molly went to bed. upon hearing the word she walked up to matt, put her hands on her shoulders and started grunting. hence, wanting her massage. so she got one. then, matt was giving me a massage and after a few minutes, molly walked up to us and said "done". then proceeded to ask and get hers! tonight was much of the same. matt was rubbing my neck and as soon as molly observed this she grabbed matt's hand and then walked to the exact spot on the floor she sat last night for her massage and patted the floor for matt to sit down. she's very particular but that's a whole other story to come at a later date. she also loves for us to run our hands down her arms, legs, back, belly, through her hair, on her hands and feet. she lets us know where by moving our hand to the correct spot. spoiled? i think so, but in a good way - full of love! :) now, we just can't wait until she's strong enough to give us a massage!

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