Wednesday, September 9, 2009

6 months and counting - a recap of the first 3

until now, everything has been about my precious molly. however, i feel i should start blogging about my newest edition growing in my belly. i've made it through 12 weeks and it hasn't been a picnic, but it hasn't been unbearable. this baby started out much like molly - scaring me. i think all my kids will probably scare me in the beginning while they implant into the uterus. i can just imagine the little thing digging it's way in - no hands or feet at this point so how does it happen? does the little egg rock back and forth until it gets into position? amazing! any hoot, the baby is there and at 9 weeks we were able to see a great sonogram picture. the baby really cooperated for the picture and allowed us to see an eye, ear, nose, hand, knees, and a foot. it was very active as well. i can't wait to feel it moving around! well, yesterday i went in for a routine heartbeat check and had another scare - the doc couldn't find the heartbeat. i panicked for about 2 minutes, which seemed like eternity, until she found the baby with a sonogram moving around having a good-old-time in the womb with the heartbeat ticking away! little stinker! :) i guess the baby just was not in a good position. i'm hoping for just a heartbeat check next time. somehow i need to get this baby to move into the right position. molly is very excited about the baby and constantly pats my stomach and says her version of baby as well as coming up and hugging and kissing the baby. she also likes to pretend to give the baby a drink, put stickers on the baby and all sorts of fun things like that!

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  1. Yay! I've been waiting to see this post on here :) If it's a boy, I have lots of stuff for you. And lots of Broncos outfits :) That will make Uncle Alex happy!! So happy for you and Matt!!