Wednesday, September 30, 2009

it's such a joy to hold a newborn baby and watch them grow but the next best thing, since i can't see the little one inside me, is to feel it growing. of course, i'll be able to tell by my ever-increasing belly size but that doesn't having anything on feeling the little bundle moving around inside. i love the feeling of the little pushes and kicks that i get when i lay just the right way. this baby skipped the flutter stage and went straight to pushing and kicking (does this mean it's a boy??? time will tell!) i was putting the finishing touches on dinner tonight and kept feeling little pushes, like the baby was saying, "hey, i better like what you're feeding me tonight!". the baby knows my voice already, i'm sure! i was reading to molly (several times today) and the baby would move around while i was reading. hopefully it enjoys curious george as much as molly does right now!

i am thankful the baby exited the stubborn stage for now and is cooperating with me by moving and letting me know that all is well in utero and allowing me to hear its heart thumping away at 148 bpm! let's hope it keeps up like this. six weeks and we'll know the sex (assuming the baby cooperates during that sonogram!).

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