Wednesday, September 23, 2009

the joy of creative play

creative play is something that all kids possess, just some more than others. depending on surroundings and things such as t.v. and video games can limit the amount of creative play a child engages in. don't get me wrong - i'm not against t.v. (we have one and watch it regularly) and video games (we own 3 systems!) however, when kids are taught and encouraged to engage in creative play it brings about such a joyous atmosphere.

molly is one who loves creative play. she's been this way for some time now. it all began with her baby - mothering it (feeding, rocking, diapers, naps, etc). since the baby she's added much more to her creative play list such as cooking. it's so much fun to watch her pretend to cook. she doesn't have a kitchen (hopefully that will be a christmas present) but loves to get any sort of bowl and spoon and pretend to pour things, eat them, and serve them to matt and me or her babies. she also cooks grass in her house in the back yard. it's quite amusing to watch her pick up a handful, place it in the bowl, turn on the stove, stir and then exclaim, "done!". molly is also very animated with her fisher price farm, making the animals do all sorts of things. last night, she was driving (to see her anna of course). she took her purse and keys, pretended to start a car and then moved her arms like she was steering a steering wheel. all the while, she was telling me bye. so cute and fun to watch!

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