Thursday, September 10, 2009

a nutty obsession

molly has a huge obsession with acorns. we have them all over our yard and driveway and she loves to collect "nuts". whenever we go outside she has to find one. molly takes them in her stroller on walks, in the car (matt's certain we'll have a squirrel living in our car before long), in her playhouse, and in our house. she thinks it's funny that she takes the squirrels' food. this also fosters her love to watch and look for squirrels. molly always thinks they are looking for nuts.

we had a bit of a meltdown over a nut just about 10 minutes or so. molly brought a nut in after coming back from our picnic at the park and wanted to take it to bed with her for her nap. i told her it wasn't safe for the nut to sleep in her bed but the nut could sleep on her dresser and she could have it back when she woke up. whew...that was not what she wanted. poor thing cried herself to sleep because all she wanted was her nut! when she wakes up, i bet you money the first thing she asks for is her nut - the girl doesn't forget anything! :)

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