Sunday, September 27, 2009


"church". i wish you could hear molly say it. i'll have to record it sometime - it's so cute! molly loves going to church for several reasons: first, anna, alex, grandpa, and grandma are there and it's always fun to see them. second, she loves to play in the nursery and cook and play with all the toys. her friend, kaylee is there. she has a name for kaylee that is consistent but i can't remember what she calls her. and finally, she enjoys sunday school and getting to color a picture and learn about "G". "G" is Jesus. she's on a nickname basis with him! :)

recently she's been learning about the apostle paul and it's so cute to listen to her talk about her lesson throughout the week. she's such a good listener and really picks up on the stories. she's very proud of her papers colored and stickered up too! paul's been through many trials (some of which molly has connected with personally such as the thunderstorm in the boat). last week she learned about when paul was bitten by a snake and God protected him. we checked out a book at the library that had a picture of a snake in it. upon seeing the snake, she instantly went back to her sunday school lesson and talked about paul. molly has an excellent sunday school teacher and explains the story so molly can understand. thank you mrs. fish!

today, molly got the best of both worlds. she was the lone duck in the nursery (usually there are two other kids) but grandma had duty this morning. so she had fun cooking with grandma, playing with the babies, and reading books. funny story- tonight i discovered that molly only thinks the nursery is church. we arrived a little late and i noticed no one was in the nursery so i took molly into the sanctuary with me. she was not happy and kept pointing back to the nursery saying church. i told her that this is where mommy and daddy go to church but it didn't help. she wanted to go to her church. grandpa got and took her out and played with her tonight. once in the nursery she was very glad to be at church. she fed grandpa well with all the delicious food she cooked and was still talking about pa at church when we got home!

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