Monday, June 1, 2009

all in shambles

you know when you've had a full weekend with a big project and now the house is in shambles? that's where i am at. matt replaced our kitchen floor (which i am very thankful for - it looks so much nicer and it's shiney!) and so the kitchen was basically out of commission. oh, i cooked (calzones and lasagna) but the clean up didn't happen as i couldn't really get to the sink and the dishes kept piling up by the meal. while cooking the clazones, the fridge was in front of the diswasher and the only available counterspace as next to the microwave! well, the floor is complete and i have almost finished the surface level of the kitchen (saving the deep cleaning for another day). stopping for a lunch break and to type this entry. i have a feeling i'm going to love blogging!!!

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