Thursday, June 4, 2009

loving all of God's creation???

do i really have to? i think so, but spiders are something i find hard to love, let alone tolerate. when God created spiders he created them outdoors (not that there were any indoors when He created Earth but still - that's beside the point). He did not create them indoors nor should they enter the house. can't He stop them from coming in - nothing is impossible for God!

here's my story - i was taking a shower yesterday and noticed a spider lurking in on the shower wall up in the corner. i kept my eye on him the entire time - not wanting him to slip down or get on me. i thought he was going to make his escape out of the shower and leave me in peace but apparently the shower walls were too slick (maybe i've cleaned them really well and rid them of soap scum!) and it slid back down and landed behind my bodywash. well, i certainly was not going to use that. don't worry - i did wash, just used matt's which was spider free.

after my shower i proceeded to take the spider's life. whenever i kill a spider it receives two deaths - one by squishing, the other by water immersion and flushing of the toilet. this spider was no different. it was fully dead never to be seen again.

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