Monday, June 22, 2009

busy, busy, busy

i never realized how busy i would be staying at home. when i entered into this adventure a month ago i thought i was going to have to find things to keep me busy (random cleaning and such) however, this has all changed. i'm busier now than when i worked all day - child caring, house cleaning, and cooking consume so much of my time - so much that i haven't even had time to update my blog.
here i sit, taking a break from my evening sweep of the house - which tonight must be a more thorough sweep because we have two real estate agencies coming to view our house tomorrow. trying to sell a house is quite a chore. the upkeep is amazingly difficult- especially when you live with a 14 month old tornado! it is a wonderful feeling though, always having a clean home and coming home to a clean one. dirty dishes are a rarity now days and the bed is always made (except today because i did take a time out and take a nap because of my constant wakings in the night with molly coughing). i'm going to attempt to keep this same approach when we move into our next home - i think it will be a good discipline for me, tough but good.
i always thought i'd have extra time for reading - not true. i sneak it in while molly's napping sometimes. but only when i feel i've picked up a good portion of the house and i've figured out groceries and menus for the week if it happens to fall on that day. video games collect dust (yes i do play some - i love my old school nintendo!) and my scrapbooking sits on a closet shelf. one day, perhaps i'll have time for this play!
in conclusion, anyone who thinks being a stay-at-home mom is easy should think again. men wondering why we didn't get something done during the day, well, it's because the baby only napped a short time or maybe a project (cleaning closets) took longer than expected. whatever it may be, we don't loaf around all day. the saying is true - a man may work from dawn till dusk but a woman's work is never done!

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