Tuesday, June 23, 2009

splish, splash molly needs a pool

hot summer days in kansas are just not the same without a pool. molly is at a stage where she loves water (not so much to drink - that's another story). baths are a hit full of splashing and playing with ducks and her squirter whale so i know a swimming pool would also gain molly's approval. yesterday we took a little trip to walmart to price inflatable pools - there's all sorts ranging from $5 to $500 (not sure they're that high). after looking at the pools, i've set my mind on getting molly a pool with a whale slide. for you see, she loves to slide as well. what great fun, sliding into the water and splashing! there's a glitch -it's thirty big ones and i'm not so sure the hubby's going to let me spend quite that much on a backyard pool. fingers crossed though and hopefully after he sees tonight's water adventures he'll give in and buy his little girl the pool with the whale slide. :)
this is kind of what i want however it's one large pool.

here's the story. molly's getting bored in the house and it was still much too sunny to swing, slide, or play in her house so we put on the swimsuit and filled a large mixing bowl with water. i took her outside to play in the water. she had a grand time splashing around and then put her feet in the water and kicked them. it was quite hilarious watching her maneuver her feet into the bowl without falling off her picnic table that she was sitting on. she dumped her water and thought that was tons of fun too. then she needed more so we went into the grass to get the hose and i proceeded to spray her - this was not as much fun. she likes to splash but is not a fan of getting sprayed. we refilled her bowl and away she went again. so cute!!!! :) hopefully my next water post will be one in the swimming pool with the whale slide!

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